Each week, we aim to prepare our hearts before the Lord in anticipation of our worship gathering. Therefore, we'll post the Scriptures, Big Idea, Songs, and other reflections that will help us enter into worship together - with one heart, one voice, and one mind - in full accord (Philippians 2:2). Here are some simple ways to prepare your heart...

  1. READ through the text that will be preached on Sunday. Take a few moments or more to familiarize yourself with it, study, or meditate on it. 
  2. SING, LISTEN, OR READ through the songs that we'll be singing together. Meditate on the truth and substance they instill. Consider the ways of your own heart as you do. This is also a good opportunity to become familiar with new songs in advance of our time together. 
  3. PRAY and ask the Lord to open your heart to Him and to draw you into thoughtful worship as you reflect on who He is, what He's done for us in Jesus, who we are, and what He's called us to do. 



Matthew 28:16-20



Sunday, Nov. 29: The Gospel has a Purpose.

The Purpose of the Gospel is to fill all of Creation with the praises of God through His Redeemed People who make disciples of Jesus and teach others to do the same. 



What God has done to you, He aims to do through you.

You and I know we’re not very good disciple-makers. The grimy truth is we tend to stink at it, and we often live in a sense of guilt because of it. But think about this: Jesus is the perfect disciple-maker. What He started over two thousand years ago is directly affecting you. He started with eleven scared, ordinary, everyday people and now you're a disciple (or on your way to becoming Jesus' disciple) because of Him... through them...and then through generations and generations of more people just like them. Therefore, Jesus is the One with the authority and the ability to make disciples. Because Jesus has all the authority that could ever be had HE ABSOLUTELY ENSURES that if you and I will join Him and step into the work He’s called us to, WE WILL BECOME A DISCIPLE-MAKING PEOPLE. He will do it through us. We will become a multiplying people. We will be marked as those who bring blessing on those we love...not curses…blessing! We will be marked by joy and generosity and listening ears, and teaching hands and mouths. 

The only way you and I will make disciples is because the ONE who calls us to it will be the one who sees to it. What JESUS has done to us, He aims to do through us. So Church, we are free. It's Father, Son, and Spirit who do the heavy lifting. Finally, we can step into becoming who we already are…Disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus and teach others to do the same.