Each week, we aim to prepare our hearts before the Lord in anticipation of our worship gathering. Therefore, we'll post the Scriptures, Big Idea, Songs, and other reflections that will help us enter into worship together - with one heart, one voice, and one mind - in full accord (Philippians 2:2). Here are some simple ways to prepare your heart...

  1. READ through the text that will be preached on Sunday. Take a few moments or more to familiarize yourself with it, study, or meditate on it. 
  2. SING, LISTEN, OR READ through the songs that we'll be singing together. Meditate on the truth and substance they instill. Consider the ways of your own heart as you do. This is also a good opportunity to become familiar with new songs in advance of our time together. 
  3. PRAY and ask the Lord to open your heart to Him and to draw you into thoughtful worship as you reflect on who He is, what He's done for us in Jesus, who we are, and what He's called us to do. 



Mark 10:35-45



We are Servants. The Son, Jesus, has served us by rescuing us and He leads us to serve Him and others with grateful hearts.



George Hunter: The supreme key to reaching the West again is the key that Patrick discovered – involuntarily but providentially. The gulf between churched people and unchurched people is vast, but if we pay the price to understand them, we will usually know what to say and what to do. If they know and feel we understand them, they will risk opening their hearts to the God who understands them.

Bob Dylan: You may be an ambassador to England or France. You may like to gamble, you might like to dance. You may be the heavyweight champion of the world. You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls. But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed. You’re gonna have to serve somebody. Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord. But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

Donald Whitney: One of the clearest indications that a person has believed the gospel of Jesus is that his selfish desire to be served begins to be overcome by a Christlike desire to serve. He starts looking for ways to do something for Christ’s church, especially in ways that will serve the gospel. As the Holy Spirit permeates people’s character with the effects of the gospel, they increasingly develop a mindset of serving in every part of life. They begin to consider their daily occupation in terms of how useful it should be in the service of others instead of simply how it enlarges their wealth or reputation. They give more thought to serving the members of their families. They want to know that their churches are stronger because of their service.



Here are a few songs we'll sing together this Sunday. A few of them are new. Enjoy listening and endeavor to enter into worship as you do.