Tim Keller is a gifted pastor/author/preacher/speaker etc. Here is a video on the relationship between Faith and Work from his talk at the 2013 Gospel Coalition's Faith at Work Post-Conference in Orlando.

And here are "5 Ways the Gospel Transforms Your Work" taken from the talk he gave in the video above and adapted by Nicholas McDonald. Read further on each point on Nicholas' blog here.

  1. Faith gives you an inner ballast without which work could destroy you.
  2. Faith gives you a concept of the worth and dignity of all work without which work could bore you.
  3. Faith gives you a moral compass without which work could corrupt you.
  4.  Faith gives you a new world and life view that shapes the character of your work, without which work could use you and master you.
  5.  Faith gives you a hope in the frustration of work without which work could harden you or crush your spirit.