Good Friday:

The way of Jesus is to disrupt everything. This one Man turns the ideals of a broken humanity on their head. And the world mostly loves it and begs for it until it costs them something. Yet, Jesus didn’t care. He could fix those motives too. And He would because He does.

His people—the Church—begin to reorder their lives for the sake of their neighbors. They begin to identify suffering, moving swiftly to alleviate it. They begin to open their homes and their tables and their lives to those who have need. They leave jobs and riches and comforts in order to bring Good Tidings of Great Joy to those they’ve never met; both at home and over oceans. They start churches and clean water programs. They start hospitals and educational centers. They start taking in orphans and giving their possessions to those in need. They see all of their living as a means to make an introduction: Everything has come to those who deserve Nothing.

This is why we’ve named the most tragic day in history Good Friday.

Good Friday is only good because it signaled the beginning. All those looking on at the murder of Jesus thought it was the end; And that would have been a Bad Friday. But Jesus, yet again, is flipping the script. His shed blood cleanses. His perfection is gifted to the imperfect. His forgiveness extends to the unforgivable. His beauty is marred in order to make the marred beautiful.

At the Cross of Jesus, the breaking of this Perfect Man is remaking the imperfect and broken. This is the beginning of the New Age - The New Covenant. The historical moment when our hearts of stone finally begin to spall, revealing softness and warmth and blood-reliant life underneath. New hearts! The man who’s heart was literally broken from pain and grief is, in one act, remaking the hearts, and therefore the lives, of His own humanity. 

Good Friday is the suffering pathway to inexhaustible Joy! The One who died would come to Life, never to die again. 

Sunday is coming...