Sanderson Jones went to check out three London churches to find inspiration for his own church called the "Sunday Assembly," an atheist church. I love his tone in this article and that he sort of found what he was looking for... but seriously? The Sunday Assembly is looking for how to be and what to do from the Real Thing, God's Church. While all people value and benefit from community and community organizations, the actual Power of the Church can't be found anywhere other than in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Read the whole post in Christianity Today here.

Sanderson Jones, a former stand-up comedian who leads the Sunday Assembly – also known as the ‘atheist church’ – spent Sunday attending three London churches and tweeting about his experience...

”I think churches should recognise that they are already doing so much right,” Jones says, referring to the idea of having people welcoming on the front door, and people knowing where and when to set up for coffee after church. “I went to the American Humanist Association and they had a special lecture on why it’s important to be welcoming. It’s just the most basic things which you’ll take for granted in Churchland, which are in fact really powerful.”

Jones was there partly on a reconnaissance mission – always eager to pick up ideas for the Sunday Assembly, which is essentially church for people who don’t do God...
— Christianity Today