Often after preaching a sermon, there are things I wish I would have said, clarifications I wish I would have made, or insights from post-sermon conversations with others that can be really helpful. I've also got some random things going through my head as well. You're welcome. 

This post is a running list of short, post-sermon thoughts. They're in no particular order and I hope they're helpful to you in some way. If you weren't with us on Sunday, 1.17.16, here are my NOTES which are limited in spots. Portions of the sermon were in my head and heart, especially around the issue of life/abortion. The text was Genesis 1:26-28 and the sermon title was: Created by Relationship for Relationship. Next week we're back to Colossians 1. 


  • I'm learning that I don't fear taking on tough subjects (like abortion), yet I often feel inadequate to the task.

  • This is proof that God is doing something profound in me because I've been ruled by various fears for much of my life. 

  • I'm encouraged by the feedback I received from people last night. One person said it's refreshing to hear a pastor speak on a topic that most pastors avoid. If it's true that most pastors avoid the subject, it's tragic. I'm not sure I've ever heard someone preach on it live. I'm not sure I haven't. I just don't know. 

  • Someone else said they've never heard it approached from an "Image of God" perspective. As they've heard past messages preached/taught on abortion, they've heard it mostly from a moralistic/political bent. Again, not helpful...maybe even tragic. That's not the way of God. 

  • Another person said the Gospel was explicit and forgiveness and the graciousness of God were present. #win

  • I really value feedback. A LOT! 

  • I'm almost more interested in critical feedback than I am in positive feedback. As a new preacher/teacher, I'm learning a ton and fumbling my way into discovering my own voice as a communicator of God's Word and equipper of His Church. I'm not into becoming your punching bag, but I am into hearing both the good and the bad from you. 

  • The good things you say don't puff me up or make me big-headed. They're God's reassuring grace to me. Thank you.

  • I've had some recent conversations with a trusted friend around some gaps and weaknesses in my preaching. God has helped me through this friend tremendously.

  • Here's a really good blog post on how to listen and give your pastor sermon feedback. I want to hear from you if you're part of our church or a trusted friend. If you're part of another church, talk to your pastor and maybe even share the post with him.

  • I want/need to work on my transitions. I felt a bit like a teenager learning to drive a stick-shift toward the end of the message. urch..urch...urch...urch...stall...start the car... 

  • I saw a few tears as I was speaking. I'm praying for you. In Christ, you are free from past shame, guilt, and fear, brothers and sisters.

  • I'm going to start a learning/disciple-making community called EQUIP. If you're interested in growing in your faith in Jesus and learning how to help others grow, this is for you. I'll begin announcing it soon. Are you interested? If so, reach out and let me know. It's open to men and women. Here's a short intro: 

    EQUIP is about making and maturing disciples that can multiply disciples. This process won’t happen by learning information alone, but by engagement in the context of relational discipleship. Within this context, the emphasis will be helping you grow as a leader of self (personal love for Jesus and increased devotion in following Jesus) and moving towards being a leader of others (making disciples by leading others to follow Jesus). Put simply, the aim of EQUIP is to cultivate your love for Jesus and equip you to be an effective disciple-making disciple. 
  • Love you, Church. So grateful for this opportunity to serve you. I'm praying Colossians 1:3-14 over you all individually, by name.