Often after preaching a sermon, there are things I wish I would have said, clarifications I wish I would have made, or insights from post-sermon conversations with others that can be really helpful. I've also got some random things going through my head...you're welcome. 

This post is a running list of short, sermon afterthoughts. They're in no particular order and I hope they're helpful to you in some way. If you weren't with us on Sunday, 1.24.16, here are my NOTES which are limited. Much of the sermon was in my head and heart. The text was Colossians 1:15-23 and the sermon title was: Remember your Roots. 


  • I'll post some links to articles, blogs, videos, sermons, etc. that will help you go deeper into Colossians 1:15-23 at the end of these bullet points. 

  • The majesty of Jesus is NUTS when you take each line on Jesus' Preeminence and let your imagination trot off into the sunset. It's possible it may never return.

  • You can't out-imagine the majesty of Jesus. It's not possible. Let that bake your noodle.

  • I slept in until 7:45 this morning, then I played Lego's with Gid for a few, hopped in the shower, and made it to my day job by 9. 

  • I am feeling unusually tired today. The day of the week that I feel most tired and spent is Monday morning. Preaching and Praying and Prepping really does have a cost. In my experience it's more emotional than physical. 

  • Every job has a cost to the one who works it.

  • Multiple people mentioned the sermon was helpful to the them in the midst of their circumstances. They said it sounded like good news. That's a capital W Win for me.

  • The Word of God is powerful. May we be a people who display an extra-ordinary hunger for it.

  • May we also be a celebratory people. A people who aren't intimidated to hoot and holler and raise our voices and collective energies when we hear the Good News proclaimed!

  • Our crew was pretty light last night. Regardless, I enjoyed being with you.

  • Go Broncos! Glad they beat Brady (and the other guys.) 

  • It's easy to begin seeing our Sunday gatherings as our primary church activity during the week. This is probably because it requires the most coordination of effort from a large number of people. Collectively, our energy deposits into this time together.

  • While Sundays are good, they are not our primary church activity because the church is not an event. The Church is the distinct people of God. We don't go to church just like we don't "go" to family. The church is a people and the people are family. 24/7/365

  • I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow and spending it with the fab four. 

  • Here are some links for deeper study on Colossians 1:15-23: