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All of Life... in all of life. #1

For over two years my wife and I have been talking and dreaming of naming a church "All of Life." After we began to talk about it, we began to notice the phrase popping up all around us. It's always fresh and encouraging when we see it. So, we want you to see it...if you're into that sort of thing? The coming issue of Tabletalk magazine is titled "Doctrine for All of Life."

3 Reasons to Plant in Highly-Churched Areas

I am often asked why we're planting a new church in Post Falls, an already highly-churched city. In fact, one guy in our core-group was asked by a co-worker why "we think we're better than the other churches." His co-worker's assumption was that we are planting a new church in Post Falls because we think we have better methods, content, gospel-centeredness, or whatever. That's not the case.