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3 Reasons to Plant in Highly-Churched Areas

I am often asked why we're planting a new church in Post Falls, an already highly-churched city. In fact, one guy in our core-group was asked by a co-worker why "we think we're better than the other churches." His co-worker's assumption was that we are planting a new church in Post Falls because we think we have better methods, content, gospel-centeredness, or whatever. That's not the case. 

Quiet the Fear, Do the Work.

We could as easily say that one desires a neat and tidy house, just as the ideal stall would be clean. However, a clean house by the nature of things might just mean an empty house since children and husbands and houseguests and those neighborhood kids do not have to be in the house long before it is agonizingly messy. However, without all of those people there is no productivity—no true, biblical productivity—, no children to care for, no friends to counsel, no hospitality to extend.