Nehemiah is more than a book on leadership (while not less). This is a book that illustrates the reality of God's presence among His people. The people of Israel were broken, living in open trouble and shame due to their own rebellion. Yet, God graciously sent them a man named Nehemiah, of fierce character and godly fear who would lead them decisively toward sturdy renewal and hope.

Nehemiah is a book for everyone. No matter the struggle, no matter the culture, no matter the situation.

God is near and is working in the scenes of your life to bring about renewal. On the surface, Nehemiah is the story of a man accomplishing a great feat. Yet, right under the surface, it's the story of God bringing forth the repentance and the renewal of people from all nations, tongues, and tribes.



The Old Testament wisdom of Proverbs is often demoted to a place in our lives that tilts toward moral living rather than to Jesus Christ.

We short-change Proverbs when we read it through a narrow, moralistic lens. However, Jesus is at once the wise person and the antithesis of the foolish person that Proverbs describes. This book is deeply gospel-centered with shadows of the real Jesus on every page.


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