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EVENT: Saturday, February 17th. TIME: 8:30am- 12pm

CHILDCARE: $5 per child

We are convinced that rehearsing the language of the Good News of Jesus is the way toward maturity in Christ for us. It's the pathway to growing more steadfast in our faith in Christ, confessing our sin freely, finding freedom from guilt, the need to control, the approval of men, and delighting in victory over the sinful patterns that so easily tangle us up. It's the way toward joy and flourishing for all people. It's how we'll contribute to gospel-saturation in our region.

To become fluent in a language means immersing ourselves in it. Committing to practice, rehearse, and understand it. Engaging with it everyday until we begin to see all of life through this new-and foreign-language.

Becoming fluent in the gospel happens in the same way. We have to immerse ourselves in its truths...believing, rehearsing, speaking them for, and receiving them from others.

This workshop is a means to learning how the multi-faceted truths of the good news of Jesus can transform our way of believing, thinking, and eventually our whole way of life. We hope to see you there. Please invite any you think may benefit.

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